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Welcome To Shree Institute
For Professional Studies (Pty) LTD

“To be a world class services provider that offers innovative knowledge based products and services, that provides simple solutions to the complex intellectual business challenges”

“To engage in continuous improvement of systems and techniques that enhances the provision of quality of product and services offered, by investing in the development of strong human capital and business ethos that in turn becomes the catalyst to sound decision making process”

Message from the Director

Studying with our Institution can be an inspiring, challenging and ultimately rewarding experience. Yet certain ‘facts of life’ inevitably get in the way and questions can arise. Can I afford it? Do I have the time? Is it worth it? This brief is meant to give you the answers to some of those questions. We can’t change the realities of work and family life, but we can show you how our institutions can make it easier for students to discover and develop their true potential.

First things first, let us look at the entire landscape of Skills Development in particular, and studying/learning in general. Our institutions have been formed in an attempt to develop and nurture skills in the entire population of South Africa. This is a contemplation of a group of individuals to accomplish the already existing initiative by the National Government to address the prevalent lack of skills that exists in the country.

Skills Shortage is an amorphous concept that encapsulates many specific components, but at the heart of the matter is the idea that, demand for certain skills exceeds supply.

In the discourse of labour economics, labour supply refers to individuals who participate in the labour market with given endowments of human capital. Labour demand on the other hand refers to the public and private entities that employ individuals. Intermediating between these is the set of institutional arrangements that help form and shape the nexus between labour demand and supply, including educational institutions in civil society; training providers in the private sector; and the public sector itself.

Now, our institutions therefore seeks to be a catalyst in the realm of these three concepts and their interrelationships.

To sum up, in the form of its directors, senior management and all academic, administrative staff adopts a hands-on approach in all interactions with learners and pursue all available avenues to ascertain that learners do indeed get value for their time and money. This is what we refer to as UBUNTU in our African language.


Why Choose Us

The campus is ideally positioned and close to all the basic amenities including easy access to all forms of public transportation.

Provides one stop solution to all the training needs of the clients and stakeholders.

Fully accredited qualifications that direct to the Industry needs.

Dispatches and dispenses of high-quality learning.

Industry expert are appointed as Facilitators and Lecturers.

Programmes packaged according to the needs of learners and industry.

Spacious lecture halls equipped with state of art modern facilities that enhances the experiences of teaching and learning.

100% black owned and managed organisation, enhances the chances to attain Better BBBEE ratings.

We have fully furnished computer laboratories with internet facilities.

Benefits in Choosing Our Institution


Qualification offered driven & motivated by Industry demand and the National Master Scarce Skills list for South Africa. Hence upon successful completion of programmes, students has greater opportunities to enter in to the Labour markets.

Work readiness programme affords student an opportunities to test the gained theoretical knowledge to practice.

State of art teaching methods adopted in imparting the knowledge from respective accredited programmes.

Qualification offered affords opportunities to attain international professional body certification.

State of art online library with spacious reading facility..


Skilled and experienced workers

Development of Competent Staff

Boast the BBBEE Scorecard and Improved Tax Rebates & incentives

Minimised Improved skills acquisition by employees attributes to situation of minimum supervision


The Institution has been accredited by the following ETQA's and in receipt of letter from Department of Higher Education and Training informing the institution to offer the Accredited Academic programmes.