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National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting

SAQA ID: 36213
NQF Level: 5
Credit: 251
Duration: 2 Years
The purpose of this qualification is to:

This Qualification is designed to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be appointed as Financial Accounting Technicians who have an important role to play, either as support staff to the Accountant, where they provide Accounting and Financial Management support in the field of Accounting & Financial Management in medium to large organisations.


By assuming the role of Accountant in a smaller organisation, where an outsourced registered Chartered Accountant provides the service of supervision and monitoring.

The National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting: Level 5 is for individuals who, for whatever reason, are unable to continue or do not wish to continue with their studies to become Registered Chartered Accountants. Financial Accounting Technicians are in very short supply, as all organisations need to provide with the type of work they do. In most cases, the Financial Accounting Technician can provide a full Accounting service to a small organisation, under supervision of an off-site Chartered Accountant.

Career Path:

Accountants, Financial Managers in Small & medium Organisations. (Learners completing this qualification will be able to be employed as Financial Accounting Technicians who do work that requires fundamental knowledge of and the application of basic Bookkeeping and Accounting procedures in a variety of situations. They require a range of skills and the ability to apply essential methods and procedures within the limits of their authority. Their work roles are in general Accounting and Financial Management where they lend support to the Accountant and/or the Financial Manager of medium to large organisations. They also perform a wide range of Accounting and Financial Management tasks independently in small companies but under the indirect supervision of an external Accountant in terms of legal requirements, in different industries and in commercial and industrial organisations.)

Module Break Down:

1. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
2. Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
3. Computerized Bookkeeping
4. Business Literacy
5. Financial Statements
6. Cost and Management Accounting
7. Income Tax
8. Business Law and Accounting Control