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National Certificate in Informal Small Business Practice

SAQA ID: 58308
NQF Level: 3
Credit: 120
Duration: 1 years
The purpose

The Certificate forms part of a learning pathway in the Wholesale and Retail sector that stretches from NQF Levels 2 to 5. While this Qualification focuses on the Small Micro and Medium (SMME) sector, the programme is structured in such a way that there is progression from Level 2 to a qualification at NQF Level-5.

The purpose of this qualification is to equip learners to understand the underlying principles of operational areas related to the Wholesale & Retail sector and entry level business principles, thus enabling them to become effective employers and/or self-employed members of society. The competencies in this qualification will assist the entrepreneur to ensure long-term business sustainability.

The qualification will enable learners to understand the South African context of the Retail sector but may also increase their understanding of business, thus enabling them to use this learning in various business environments and to progress to more formal business operations through articulated learning with qualifications which offer a more in-depth and specific business focus. This approach will enable the acquiring of operational competencies in preparation of additional business development and formalizing of business operations where individuals have the relevant understanding of retail operations.

The qualification will also add value to learners who aspire to run or own their own small retail business in the future in the addressing of the following competencies:

• Understanding of retail operational requirements
• Effective handling of financial transactions
• Handling of basic merchandising
• Maintaining of safety and security in the business environment
• Handling of stock
• Customer service

Career Path:

  • Retail store clerks
  • Floor supervisors
  • Junior Merchandise agents
  • and stock keepers
  • show room coordinators.
  • Module Break Down:

    1. Understand the requirements of retail operations.
    2. Perform basic retail operations.
    3. Maintain customer service in an informal retail business